Monday, June 1, 2009

Something For Shelle

Shelle of Shellez Creations needs our help!
On May 6th 2009, Shelles ex-husband, Brian, passed
away. They shared two children together, one of which lived
with him. Shelle immediately started taking action to get her oldest
daughter back home with her, but because he had custody before
he passed away and he was married things aren't as
simple as Shelle just going and getting her.
The guardian ad litem assigned to the original custody case informed
Shelle that she will need to retain a lawyer and file a motion.
The police aren't able to help her either. In order for her to be able to
get a lawyer for a decent rate she will have to file for a financial hardship
and that could take up to 8 weeks. That's 8 weeks too long,
considering the woman that her daughter is now with wouldn't even let
Brian and Shelles other child see him before he passed away in the hospital.
She is now not accepting phone calls from Shelle or letting her
daughter talk to her.
Shelle is a wonderful person and would do anything for anybody
without thinking twice. She is always the first person to jump
in and help whenever it is needed.
Katelynns Designs will be
selling a charity scrap kit especially for Shelle, all money received will
go straight to Shelle to help her get enough money together to obtain
a lawyer and file the motion that is needed. You can find it at
Katelynns Designs Store

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