Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love Of Roses Add Ons

There seems to be so many confussions on what these papers are actually. PU,CU,S4H,
etc. So I have poste on ea of them these papers are for you to do what ever you please do to. No restrictions. No credit link required. I enjoyed making them an now getting hassled as to the fact they don't meet certin requirements. So if you'd like to down load them please do so. If not I am sorry I couldnt meet up to your standards



For The Love Of Roses

After watching the roses in my backyard, I was inspired to do this kit. The kit contains 16papers an 38 elements. Which consits of 16 different kinds of roses. 4 gold ropes, gem curtains, 3 corestribbons, a bench an arbor. A picket fence an a poser on a bench. More items included.
You will only find this kit at Katelynn's Designs store. It is a PU kit. And also 75%
off right now

Friday, July 10, 2009

New Tutorial

Susan, from Hippiedaze made this tag using my "Summertime Sunshine" kit. She did a awesome job on it. Thank you for the tag an the tutorial you did with this. You can find my kit at
Summertime Sunshine

You can find her tutorial at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

***Gone Crazy On Sale***

I've gone crazy with the summer heat. All my items are 75% off starting this Friday, June 10,2009. Click on the tag an come check out the deals

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Punky Pink Freebie

This is a freebie to the kit I have for sale in the stores I sell at. You can download it free


World Without Borders Scrap Award

This award was given to me by a wonderful tutorial writer, Susan aka Hippiedaze. Please be sure an check her site out HERE
This award is dedicated to a world without borders in the world of Scrap, by people who always give you:


The rules for this award is to pass on to 5 friends blogs who you know that has these qualities so Im passing this award to the following 5 blogs...

Ali @ Designs By Ali
Chris @ Katelynn's Designs
Nora @ Coquettas Designs
Emma @ Sensual Posers
Crystal @ Crystals Cottage